Cambridge IELTS vocabulary selection


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Cambridge IELTS vocabulary selection


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John Gordon



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For people who learn a foreign language, the word is the first step; for IELTS, vocabulary is essential! IELTS specialized vocabulary, which makes the majority of candidates to feel at a loss! For the IELTS for the pro forma, to have an authoritative and practical vocabulary book is to test IELTS fundamental, this vocabulary selection came into being. The first book in the kind root affixes memory method, Zhenti instance of antonyms, and derived word combination, covers over the years, all IELTS vocabulary, not only allows users to easily remember the words, but also be able to understand term usage Zhenti, also be able to comprehend by analogy, the joint memory of its synonyms, antonyms, and derived words, to enable readers to quickly expand your vocabulary. Preparing for IELTS vocabulary, this one in hand, enough!

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نام فایل: Cambridge IELTS vocabulary selection


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