Vocabulary To Describe Graphs

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تو این مقاله قراره یه سری لغت برای توضیح گراف ها یاد بگیریم.

Introducing the graph

The graph/table/pie chart/bar chart/diagram

  • gives information about/on ...
  • provides information about/on ...
  • shows ...
  • illustrates ...
  • compares ...
  • explains why ...
  • describes ...
  • draws the conclusion of (a survey) ...

میتونیم essay مونو با یکی از جملات بالا شروع کنیم. به مثال  پایین دقت کنین:





The pie charts provide information on the proportion of males and females working in agricultural sector.

Type of changes

در کل سه نوع تغییر مختلف داریم:

Rise , fall, flactuation

a rise (of)   

an increase (of)   

a growth (of)   

a peak (of)   

a surge (of)   

Example: a rise of prices   






to rise - to increase - to surge - to grow - to peak

✭  Large rises:

to rocket - to soar - to leap (->leapt)


a fall (in)   

a decrease (in)   

a decline (in)   

a dip (in)   

Example: a fall in prices   






to fall - to decrease - to decline - to dip - to dive - to plunge

✭  Large falls:

to plummet



   a fluctuation (of)

   a variation (in)

   Example: a fluctuation of prices








to fluctuate - to vary

Description of changes

6.png 5.png



این تغییرات میتونه خیلی یهویی باشه یا آهسته

به adverb های زیر بادقت توجه کنید.

sharp - sudden - rapid - abrupt - dramatic - steep - significant - considerable - marked - substantial - spectacular





there was a considerable growth

  برای تغییرات آهسته هم میتونیم از لغات زیر استفاده کنیم:

slight - gentle - gradual - steady - consistent - modest - marginal





there was a gradual decline

Useful phrases

a small fraction, a small number, a small minority

a large portion, a significant majority

nearly a fifth, almost 10%, in region of 40%, more than a half, over a quarter, around two thirds, more or less three quarters, exactly one in ten, approximately a third

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