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جلسه چهارم: بررسی سوالات شرطی نوع دوم Would و استراتژی پاسخگویی ...

the 4th session


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سوالات Would

▫️وقتي چنين سئوالاتي پرسيده ميشود، ممتحن فقط درجواب شما به دنبال يك چيز است . جنبه گرامري چنين سئوالاتي خيلي اهميت دارد. به عنوان يك قانون كلي، اگر در سئوال از would پرسیده شد، حداقل يك نمونه ازwould / could / might در جوابتان بايد داشته باشيد.
براي تمامی سئوالات بهتر است از دومين ساختار شرطي در جوابتان استفاده كنيد:

▫️"If + past simple —----------  would/could/might + infinitive verb."

▫️Example: If I lived near the sea, I would be able to eat fresh seafood.
If I had the time, I would go for traveling.

?از اين ساختار براي بيان يك يك رويداد نامحتمل در زمان حال يا آينده استفاده مي شود. مثلاً در مثال بالا، اگر من وقت داشتم
يعني اينكه ندارم و احتمال اينكه پيدا كنم هم كم است.

▫️وقتي مي خواهيد دليل يا مثال هاي بيشتري بيان كنيد مجبوريد از ساختارهاي شرطي نوع دوم بيشتري نيز استفاده كنيد . به عنوان مثال:

?"Would you like to move to another city in the future?"

▫️"I would like to change cities if I had the chance, because if I lived in a different city I would make lots of
new friends and I could try lots of new kinds of food. Also I might be able to find a well-paid job. "

البته توجه داشته باشيد كه گاهي نيز مي توانيد از ساختارهاي شرطي منفي استفاده كنيد. مثلا:

▫️"No, I wouldn't like to move to another city, because if I lived in another city, I wouldn't have any

▫️هيچگاه جوابتان را با عباراتي مانند:

I have never thought about it

شروع نكنيد. براي شروع ميتوانيد از اين عبارات استفاده نمائید:

▫️Well, quite honestly I don't think I've ever thought about that, but I guess …
▫️Actually, this isn't something that I've ever considered, but in short …
▫️I'm not really sure how to put this, but I suppose generally speaking…

?به مثال زير توجه كنيد:

♒️ "would you like to move to another city?'

▫️"Actually, this isn't something that I've ever considered, but in short I suppose I would possibly consider moving cities, especially if I had the chance to move to a coastal city like Astara. If I lived in a seaside city I would be able to hang out on the beach every day and I would also have the opportunity to get into
water sports like scuba-diving and possibly surfing."


▫️ What might be the effects of reduced creativity in society?
▫️What could be done to stop the negative aspects of tourism from happening?


یک مثال دیگه برای شما عزیزان:

1♒️ What could be done to stop the negative aspects of tourism from happening?
There could be bunch of things, I guess stricter laws could be introduced. If people didn't obey the laws, then the consequences might be a financial penalty.  You know, an expensive fine, or perhaps throw the offenders into prison for a day or two.  That would certainly...I imagine.. have a big effect upon the bad behavior of people visiting a city while on holiday.

2♒️ Could you suggest any ways you think the Internet could be improved?
Improve the internet…um…that’s a good question.  The Internet is fantastic but…well, I guess it could be faster!  Yes, it could be faster.  At the moment, I have to wait a long time for information to download.  It seems to take such a long time for video.  I was watching a newscast on a website the other night and it seemed to take so long to download that I closed the screen and went to bed. ?? It would be great if we could somehow make video play over the Internet as fast and as clear as it looks on the TV.  Maybe that will happen soon!


سوالات Would سخت نیست، نیاز به تمرین داره .... و کنارتون هستم ....

▫️تمرینات شما عزیزان:


Now answer to these Questions...
"Try to write them down Firstly, 'n after that try to Record your Voice... "

▫️Would you like to move to another city in the future?
▫️Would you like to change your job?
▫️Would you like to live near the sea?
▫️Would you like to learn another foreign language?
▫️Would you like to be in a film?
▫️What would you like to change about your city?
▫️What would you like to change about your school?
▫️Would you like to change your name?

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