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موضوعات فیلم برداری ترم های مرکز بیان برتر

IntroA: Describe one of your best friends/Describe your house.

IntroB: What are some of the things you enjoy doing? / How do you spend your free time?

C1A: Describe one of your memorable journey you had.

C1B: What type of music style do you like most?

C2A: What are some of the best places in your country for a tourist to visit?

C2B: What is etiquette? Describe how do people communicate in your country?

C3A: How can we get young people to do more exercise? Give us some convincing ways?

C3B: Describe an accident or injury that has happened to you? When? How? What did you feel about it?

C4A: Describe the food production in your country, what are some of the problems, some countries have with food production?

C4B: Why do you think TV has become so popular over last 50 years? What are its advantage and disadvantages?

Max I: Describe the education in your country? What are its advantage and disadvantages?        

Max 2: Do you think it's important for a country to preserve old buildings and houses? Why? 

Max 3: What are some of the problems are associated by using too much technology?

Max 4: Books, plays and films should be censored, agree or disagree?

Max 5 & 6: IELTS Speaking-Time.

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