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IELTS, Speaking


 Kirk Kenny
 ناشر:  Hilight Publishing
 تاریخ انتشار:  2007
 مناسب سطح:  -

اگر به دنبال خود آموزی جامع برای مهارت اسپیکینگ هستید، این کتاب انتخاب مناسبی برای شما خواهد بود زیرا علاوه بر آموزش نکات کلیدی و ضروری با تمرین های طبقه بندی شده و استاندارد بستر مناسبی برای ارزیابی سطح زبان شما فراهم می کند.

The set of the IELTS classic tutorial "is an important part in the standard training system in the IELTS listening, speaking, reading and writing each Questions sub-topics to write. Named "the IELTS classic tutorial for two reasons: First, the author team to participate in the series written by first-line teacher of the major IELTS training institutions, we have the essence of years of teaching and materials selection experience precipitation in the a set of tutorials, several friends of the China IELTS examiner is also involved in planning and editing and proofreading; second content Selected include the domestic and foreign high-quality IELTS material, especially in the representation and the difficulty of the subject a rigorous testing and screening. Teaching is very strong, also suitable for candidates to self-learning step by step.

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نام فایل: IELTS Speaking

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