IELTS Cambridge 11 - Test3 - Speaking1

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استاد مینا امینی


Cue card

Describe a day when you thought the weather was perfect

You should say:

- Where you were on this day

- What the weather was like on this day

- What you did during the day

And explain why you thought the weather was perfect on this day.


While my favorite season is fall, when the leaves change colors, I have my most memorable days in spring, the days when allow me to do different sports and to mop around the city.

If my mind serves me well, it was last year and if I am not mistaken it was a sunny day of April in2016 that I decided to walk leisurely during the evening. As I am a student, I was occupied with different courses and I had to study from dawn to dusk but I took a day off for having some recreation. My intimate friends and I went to Enghelab complex located in the north west of Tehran. The complex hosts about hundreds of people daily who participate in different activities.

I am from an athletic family and I am not an exception. I am really crazy about swimming in outdoor or indoor swimming pools. Due to the fact that I saw clear blue sky, even not a cloud in the sky and also we hadn’t had rain for a fortnight, I suggested friends of mine go swimming outdoors. The weather was sunny which was associated with low-speed wind so it was suitable for getting a tan. It was unfortunate to say that on that day luck wasn’t on my side, I blame it on weather, it was momentarily changing, we observed mild climate before getting caught in rain and we got drenched. But after a while the clouds blotting out the sun vanished, and the sun came out, beautiful rainbow appeared and made a breathtaking view.

As I am a fun loving person, a great deal of time was spent in well-equipped swimming pool with different parts like sauna bath jacuzzi and massage room. A posh café close to the pool was the best place to dine.  We also grabbed a bite to eat tender and mouth- watering steaks prepared for us. Strolling around the complex was another activity after swimming. Watching trees stretching to the utmost and breathing fresh and clear air without any suspended particles and pollution was sheer fun of it. It took approximately 3-4 hours then we came back home with memories of an exquisite day.

It has been repeatedly proved that the weather has the key role in changing a person’s attitude and mood. I myself believe that there is an undeniable link between climate and my daily activities or results. I have always been inspired by spring as a symbol of verdure and freshness. So how pleasant the weather would be in spring without any heat waves or tropical storms.

Mop around گشت و گذار
If my mind serves me well  اگر ذهنم یاری کند
Leisurely   با فراغت خاطر
Occupy مشغول کردن
Dawn to dusk صبح تا شب
Recreation سرگرمی
Intimate friend دوست صمیمی
Host میزبان
To be an exception استثنا بودن
Crazy about some thing عاشق کاری بودن
Clear blue sky اسمان ابی و تمییز
Not a cloud in the sky اسمان بدون ابر
Fortnight  دو هفته
Low-speed wind باد ملایم
Get a tan برنزه کردن
It was unfortunate to say that متاسفانه
Luck was not on my side  شانس با من یار نبود
Blame something on someone or something  تقصیر را گردن کسی انداختن
Momentarily لحظه ای
Blot out پوشاندن
Get drenched خیس شدن
Breathtaking view منظره خیره کننده
A great deal of time زمان زیاد
Well-equipped مجهز
Sauna bathe حمام سونا
Jaccuzi جکوزی
Massage room     اتاق ماساژ
Posh    شیک
Dine غذا خوردن
Grab bite to eat خوردن سریع
Tender برشته
Mouth-watering خوشمزه
Strolling  پرسه زدن
Stretch to the utmost سر به فلک کشیدن
Suspended particles ذرات معلق
Sheer fun of it خوشگذرانی محض
Exquisite فوق العاده
Key role نقش اساسی
Undeniable غیر قابل انکار
Inspire الهام بخشیدن
Verdure سرسبزی
Freshness طراوت
Heat waves موج های گرمایی
Tropical storms طوفان های گرمسیری

پاسخ تشریحی و توضیحات:

استاد مینا امینی


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پاسخ تشریحی سوال 4

What type of photos do you like taking?

There are plenty of things which can be suitable objects for photography. As I am passionate about landscape, I can’t ignore stunning landscape which can make a photo really impressive by just having beautiful colors or scenery. It keeps appearing my Instagram every day. In other words, I try not to miss capturing worthy moments or sceneries .My natural instinct also helps me to find subjects which are unique and simple enough for taking photo.  For instance, a leaf as a symbol of life or even a drop of water as a miniature of cleanliness. I believe that uncomplicated objects can force people concentrate on main purpose of photos instead of spare details.

What do you do with photos you take?

 My memory is a goldfish memory, I forget events very soon. Seeing photos can be considered as the best way for remembering predominant days. As my mobile has large memory storage I store them in my cell phone rather than computer. As a result, they are really accessible and they are found in a blink of an eye. Furthermore As I am thrill-seeker person through and through, to me some photos are really evocative and worth-seeing, in this case for gaining excitement, putting photos on the walls of my house is an essential part of my decoration style. Some photos go with frame or plastic cover, some are sticked directly onto the wall.

When you visit other places do you take photos or buy postcards?

It is really apparent that photos and postcards differ from each other greatly. Nowadays because of tremendous improvements in technology smartphones and iPhone have built-in high-resolution cameras which have made taking pictures much easier and more convenient. Visitors can take spur of the moment photos and send them to their friends. On the other hand, there can be found some features in postcards like: lighting, focus on proper objects and the use of right camera, making an ordinary scene or a picturesque landscape to become a well-qualified photos. Also, the procedure of sending and receiving postcards for friends appeared to be simpler and faster in comparison with photos. So most of the time my first choice is buying postcard

Do you like people taking photos of you?

 To large extent no. when it comes to photography, It would be more comfortable taking photos myself, as I can see crystal-clear. I am an advocate of selfie providing me with ability to witness my facial expressions how ridiculous and funny or serious my face expression looks like or if there’s something on my hair or stuck between my teeth. Besides I pose for dazzling gestures for photos or change it but when others take photo I just can inevitably wish they pay attention to favorite factors of mine.

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