Little Polar Bear

سطح اول - آیلتس 5-4 (A2 - B1)

This news is from a zoo. The zoo is in Ohio, USA. A polar bear is born at the zoo. She is a girl. She is 200 grams heavy.

The mother stops caring for her. People must help the little bear. They feed her six times a day. They feed her a special polar  bear formula.

After two months, she is 3 kilograms heavy.

دانلود فایل صوتی


Care for: مراقبت کردن

Feed: غذا دادن

Polar: قطبی

Formula: غذای نوزاد


سطح دوم - آیلتس 6-5 (+B1- B2)

Two months ago, a polar bear was born at a zoo in Ohio. The staff had to take care of the cub after her mother stopped caring for her. The staff incubated her and kept her room nice and warm.

The cub weighed only 200 grams when she was born, but now she is 3 kilograms heavy. The cub eats special polar bear formula and staff feed her 6 times a day.

دانلود فایل صوتی


Staff: کارکنان

Cub: بچه خرس

Incubate: نگه داستن نوزاد در دستگاه انکوباتور


Polar Bear Cub Emerging compressor


سطح سوم - آیلتس 7+ ( C1 - C2)

After a mother polar bear named Aurora stopped caring for her female polar bear cub, the zoo staff have looked after her in Ohio.

The cub was born weighing only 200 grams and she had to be incubated and then kept warm in a room. The staff fed her six times a day on a special polar bear cub formula made up of kitten milk replacement  and herring oil brought in on special order.

After 52 days, the little cutie weighs 3 kilograms and her temperature is dropping, meaning that she may be leaving her safe, warm room.

دانلود فایل صوتی


Replacement: جایگزین

Herring: ماهی کوچک قهوه ای

Cutie: بانمک

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