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 My family tree
Does Richard have any interesting or famous ancestors? 


قبل از گوش کردن، لغات را خوب بررسی کنید، متن را چندین بار گوش کرده و بعد از روی اسکریپت آن، بخش‌هایی را که متوجه نشده اید را بررسی کنید.


تبار/ دودمان شناسی 


جد/ نیکان 


ترک کردن 


 جرم/ گناه 


 دوره طولانی 

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این پادکست برای سطح C1 (آیلتس 7 و بالاتر) طراحی شده است.


WorkSheet / تمرین کنیم

حالا وقت تمرینِ و بدون نگاه کردن به اسکریپت تلاش کنید که فقط با گوش دادن به فایل صوتی به سوال ها پاسخ دهید.

1. Before listening: genealogy is the study of family ancestries and histories, and of course doing your family tree. Is this something that you are interested in?

  • Yes, finding out about my ancestors is very interesting. Sort of, it’s quite interesting to know who they were.
  • No, not really. I’m more interested in the future not the past.

What did President Obama do when he found out his great–great– great–grandfather came from Ireland?

  • Nothing, he just thought it was funny.
  • He phoned up some of his family members, to their surprise.
  • He went to Ireland and visited the tiny village.

2. Listen for general meaning: Richard talks to Jackie about his family tree. What has he found out?

  • Nothing very much, just names and dates.
  • He has family from all over the world.
  • He might be related to royalty.

3. Listen for detail: listen again and answer the questions.

a) This interest in previous generations is new for Richard’s. True or false?

b) What difficulty does Sue have with the websites?

  • They’re not free.
  • Her family are not from the UK.
  • She can’t find any information.

c) How far back has she gone?

  • To the 17th century
  • To the 18th century
  • To the 19th century

d) What difficulty does Sue have with the records?

  • Information is often missing.
  • She has to visit lots of different places to find things.
  • Events weren’t always recorded.

e) What did their great-grandfather do?

  • He divorced his wife.
  • He left his wife and children and went to prison for that.
  • He had 17 children.

f) This information came as a surprise. True or false?

g) An ancient Viking king...

  • ruled the Isle of Man a thousand years ago.
  • has the same name as Richard.
  • came from Scotland.

h) How many families could be related to this king?

  • Only a couple
  • A few
  • Loads

i) What will decide if Richard is related to this king?

  • A test to see if he has the same genetics
  • A fingerprint test
  • His family tree

j) The body of the king has to be tested too. True or false?


1. Barack Obama went to Ireland and visited the tiny village.

2. He might be related to

3. a)False

b) Her family are not from the UK.

c) To the 19th century

d) Information is often missing.

e) He left his wife and children and went to prison for that.

f) True

g) An ancient Viking king ruled the Isle of Man a thousand years ago.

h) A few

i) A test to see if he has the same genetics

j) True


Transcript / متن فایل صوتی

Richard:       we’re talking about family trees, or genealogy.

Jackie:         Mmm, that’s you Richard, isn’t it? You’ve become involved in genealogy, tell us why that is.

Richard:        Well, it’s really my sister. She’s always loved looking at the old family photo albums, especially our grandparents and our great grandparents etc and now she’s got into it in a bit more detail. She’s actually looking into the family tree.

Jackie:         And finding out who your ancestors were and things. Richard:    Exactly, yes.

Jackie:         Now I do know that there are some websites for that. What kind of information has she got from the websites?

Richard:        You can get births, marriages, deaths. These are all recorded so er... that’s where she gets most of her information from.

Jackie:         Now your family, though, come from the Isle of Man. Has that not been a bit more difficult?

Richard:        Yes. The records are kept separately from the UK um... she’s, I think, a member of a website called ancestry.com in general, but for the Isle of Man, she’s also a member of the Isle of Man Family History Society and they have lots of information about er................................... families in the past.

Jackie:         So how far has she gone back then, Richard? Richard:     Well, she’s gone back to the 1800s.

Jackie:         Oh right.

Richard:        It doesn’t sound that long... long ago, but it’s difficult when you get even a couple of hundred years old because the... the records aren’t complete.

Jackie:         Mmm, I can imagine they’re lost or stolen or just disappeared as well. So she’s discovered lots of characters, some of your ancestors Richard. Are there any interesting nuggets of information which she has unearthed?

Richard:        Yes. Skeletons in the closet. She did find out about our great- grandfather, who actually went to jail.

Jackie:         Oh, gosh.

Richard:        He was sent to jail for desertion. He deserted his wife and seven children and that is a jailable offense.

Jackie:         On the Isle of Man?

Richard:        I think it is anywhere but of course our family kept it very, very quiet and we didn’t know about that at all.

Jackie:         Wow. So she’s gone back to the 1800s but how far back does she expect to go, realistically?

Richard:        Well, something interesting happened very recently. Er... someone on the Isle of Man has been doing research going back hundreds of years.

Jackie:         A historian?

Richard:        Yes and he thinks that the Cains [Jackie: Right] um... may be related to the ancient Viking king who ruled the Isle of Man and large parts of Scotland back in the 11th century.

Jackie:         So he thinks because your... because your surname is Cai... Cain that there might be a link with the Viking... what was the Viking king called?

Richard:        We know him in er... ancient history as King Orry but I think his real name was Godred or something like that.

Jackie:         But he still thinks that’s linked to the Cain surname somehow.

Richard:        There are... I think there are five or six families in the Isle of Man that go back eons and he thinks that they are related to this ancient king.

Jackie:         All right so what are you going to do to prove that you’re linked or not linked to this... this Viking king then?

Richard:        DNA testing.

Jackie:         Right, okay, tell us what you’ve done for that.

Richard:        Well, a lot of people... DNA testing is very popular now, you can do a DNA test for like under a hundred pounds [Jackie: Right] and then you can find out all about your ancestors, where your ancestors lived, which part of the world, etc, etc and even if...

Jackie:         ...you’re related to different people.

Richard:        Exactly, yes. Now he’s... wants us to do a DNA test and I think they’ve found the body of this ancient king and he is confident that he can do a DNA test from this ancient king to see if we are related.

Jackie:         Okay so if there is some kind of match. Wow, that... well that’s... that’s interesting, isn’t it?

Richard:        Well, it is if it’s positive.

Jackie:         Except, Richard, if it is positive, I have to tell you that I’m not going to call you, “Your majesty”.

Richard:        Well, we shall just have to see.


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