IELTS Cambridge 11 - Test4 - Speaking1

پاسخ تشریحی و توضیحات:

استاد اسدی مقدم

  1. What are the most popular kinds of TV programmes in your country? Why is this?

When it comes to the national television, I’d say nighttime soap operas and TV series once used to and still partly continue to be popular with many people in my country. More recently, though, a poor version of what is known worldwide as late night shows often hosted by comedians has started to become a thing. And as you may expect, people love the section for the so-called standup comedy. I mean generally comedy always stands the test of time in that it is, for many, like, a safe haven, like basically their only way to blank out their issues and problems, and momentarily escape the unsettling strain of life that they may have to be dealing with on a daily basis. Sadly enough, though, the comedy doesn’t measure up to world standards, like the comedians do not nearly compete with their international counterparts and the jokes, don’t even get me started on the jokes that are either embarrassingly feeble and lame or just highly derivative, now the tragic part is they still crack people up, from which one could really only surmise that in the absence of a properly developed entertainment industry, how desperately in need of some decent leisure we must have been to have resorted to such poor-quality, unrefined and unsophisticated comedy.


Safe have: مأمن
Counterpart: همتا
Feeble: ضعیف
Derivative: تقلیدی
Surmise: گمان بردن، حدس زدن


  1. Do you feel that people pay attention to the adverts on TV? Why do you think that is?

I don’t think so at all. Given that most TV shows are getting crammed with commercial breaks especially during primetime, I really think if anything, they would have… like a… reverse effect. I mean obviously nobody tunes in to watch the commercials. So for the most part, I’d say not only do they not incite any viewers to buy the product, but they may even end up creating resentment or small doses of rage in the worst case scenario. Come to think of how bummed you can get by et when you’re in the middle of your favorite show, the story’s picking up, you’re on the edge of your seat to see that one moment of the climactic scene the entire story’s been building up to, and right when the moment’s about to unfold, bam! Commercials come up. I mean isn’t that a bummer! No wonder then that everyone finds them super annoying

And as for why I think that is the case, well I’m not a specialist in the field or anything, but in my inexpert view, people do not seem to merely rely on TV commercials anymore to settle on a brand name and all that and if they do ever have to pick a brand, nowadays there can easily be found a wide array of other mediums that are by far, way more sure-fire a source than TV commercials to help you make up your mind. So at best, TV adverts I think can only appeal to certain bored viewers if the concept behind them is entertainingly creative, but that is if the viewer has not already treated it as a coffee break (or left their seat for a quick bathroom trip??)


Sure-fire: مطمئن، نتیجه بخش
Settle on:  به قطعیت رسیدن، تصمیم نهایی گرفتن
Make up one’s mind: تصمیم گرفتن، به تصمیم نهایی رسیدن
Resentment: نفرت
Rage: خشم
Climax: نقطه اوج


  1. Do you think TV is the main way for people to get the news in your country? What other ways are there?

No, not really. Unsurprisingly, watching the news on TV is now being massively replaced by live-streaming on the web, news readership online and a whole range of social network options available, the New Media so to speak. I should probably also note that TV viewership in my country has been generally declining over the past decade or so but even more so during the recent years when the use of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, where thousands of news channels and local groups are hosted, became rampantly widespread.


Streaming: نمایش همزمان محتوا به صورت آنلاین
Rampant: شایع، رایج
Unsurprisingly: دور از انتظار نیست که...
News readership:  خواندن اخبار


  1. What types of products are advertised most often on TV?

I haven’t been keeping track, but off the top of my head, the categories of products that turn up on TV more recurrently may include home appliances, healthcare products and detergents most likely among the top five. Skincare products are second to none, though  in how frequently they are advertised which might have to do with the fact that everyone’s constantly using them so by frequent advertisement, hefty profits are guaranteed to be brought in. As a general rule, I presume best-selling products allow for more budgets to be allocated to product promotion enabling the brand owners to easily afford running lengthier advertisements as frequently as they want without there being any financial constraints, as opposed to unpopular or lesser-known brand names with tighter budgets where big-ticket advertisements may no longer be an option.


Hefty: هنگفت
As opposed to: برخلاف
Big-ticket: هزینه بر (inf.)
Recurrently: به طور مکرر
Product promotion: تبلیغ/بازاریابی محصول
Financial constraint: محدودیت مالی


  1. Do you think there are too many game shows on TV nowadays? Why?

I couldn’t really tell precisely to be honest as I don’t watch TV anymore as frequently as I used to back in the day. I might just briefly channel surf throughout the day whenever I get around to it like if I have nothing else going at the time. But as far my observations go, however limited, I may have noticed that unlike what used to be the case up until a few years back when our TV channels used to be overflowing with game shows of all kinds, the shows are no longer being produced, or so it seems. I wonder why that is the case though because normally it’s quite the opposite. Many cable networks around the world are known to launch dozens of game shows at a time which will quickly catch on due to their perennial nature. In other words, unlike character-based shows such as sitcoms and TV series that often run for limited periods of time only as they ultimately need some finale, a game show can go on for ever without requiring an ending or ceasing to be fun!


Back in the day: در گذشته
To get around to something: فرصت کاری را یافتن
Perennial: همیشگی، دائمی، پایا
Nature: ماهیت
Run: ادامه پیدا کردن
Finale: قسمت آخر (در مورد سریال ها)


  1. How important are regulations on TV advertising?

Highly crucial, I suppose. I mean TV sets can now be found in every household making it possible for everyone including the underage with sometimes indiscriminate screen time, to be easily exposed to whatever content is being displayed on TV. So there should definitely be regulations on all TV broadcasts irrespective of the type of program, as is currently the case. So the same goes for TV adverts. There should absolutely be restrictions as to what types of products or services get to be publicized on TV. It’s also important to lay down standards determining how long the adverts can run.


Crucial: حائز اهمیت
Indiscriminate: بدون تبیض، بدون قائل شدن تفاوت یا ملاحظات ویژه
To be exposed to something : در معرض چیزی قرار گرفتن
Publicize: تبلیغ کردن


پاسخ تشریحی و توضیحات:

استاد اسدی مقدم


The TV documentry that I'm going to speak about is a French one actually named Double Je coproduced by France2 and TV5. I actually stumbled on it pretty much by accident while I was surfing channels one day and ironically, it turned out as one of my all time favorites. Now technically it may not be the most archetypical example for a documentary, like it's perhaps not the prototype of  the genre in the classical, conventional sense of the word, but then again, if you were to loosely define a documentary as a rather unmanipulated representation of a phenomenon, Double Je would then unquestionably pass for one for its immaculate portrayal of the francophone space and the experience of bilingualism as described by a number of francophone celebrities who themselves were native speakers of other languages. Among them were the brilliant American writer Paul Auster, the Italian model, singer, song writer, and former French First Lady, Carla Bruni, and the Italian singer Adamo, each being interviewed in a separate episode by the show host, Bernard Pivot.

I was touched by the docuseries on so many levels when I first started watching it a couple of years back. For someone involved in learning French, I found it immensely invaluable to hear in full-depth about the experiences of others who themselves had once been on the same road. It was especially rewarding to hear how they pulled it off both in terms of mastering the language structures, and also in getting the hang of the pronunciation and sounding near-native which was then a serious concern of mine. Not only did I get the chance to learn about all the latter, but I also found it remarkably insightful how all these talented celebrities, some of whom I had for long looked up to, opened up to the audience so liberally to express their emotions on how they identified with the French language and culture and fit in so naturally. I also felt extremely inspired by the way francophonie was referred to by one of the guest writers as yet another outlet that took his literary expression to a whole new level.

If I had to pick one episode that was especially interesting to me, it would be the one featuring Carla Bruni. I mean what a refreshing episode! Aside from what she had to say about the story of her intricate romantic life which was just priceless, I can’t even begin to describe how totally impressed I was by her exemplar self-expression in French accompanied by a subtle undertone of humor and also by how liberated and down-to-earth she sounded when recounting a personal love story, that, for many, is more often than not supposed to be something totally private, right, and yet, she sounded so unrestrained while explicitly talking about its perhaps intimate details, not to mention the fact that she was way more articulate in stating her thoughts than what I originally expected. I had my eyes glued to the screen the whole time, and was all ears to hear her speaking up so expressively with her own turn of phrase in that gravelly, husky voice of hers that would captivate just abut any listener.


Portrayal: ترسیم، به تصویر کشیدن
Francophony: فرانسه زبانی
Bilingualism: دوزبانگی
Gravelly: صدای خش دار
Husky:  صدای درشت
The whole time: در تمام این مدت
Captivate: جذب کردن
Intimate: خصوصی، شخصی
Explicitly: آشکارا، بی پرده
Unrestrained: آزاد، بی قید
I had my eyes glued to the screen: چشمانم به صفحه نمایش دوخته شده بود
Down to earth: واقع گرا، زمینی
Accompany: همراهی کردن
Exemplar: مثال زدنی
Aside from: گذشته از
Liberally: آزادانه
Invaluable: ارزشمند
Insightful: الهام بخش
Immense: بیکران، بسیار
Unmanipulated: دستکاری نشده
Phenomenon: پدیده
Unquestionably: بی چون و چرا
Outlet: روزنه، دریچه
Immaculate: بی نقص
Pull off something: از عهده کاری برآمدن
Master (v.): تسلط یافتن
Get the hang of something: مهارت انجام کاری را به دست آوردن

پاسخ تشریحی و توضیحات:

استاد اسدی مقدم

  1. How did your parents choose your name(s)?

Well I was not quite here yet when the vital decision was being made, but according to what I’ve been told by my parents, there is actually quite an interesting story underlying how they decided upon my name and the connotation that was allegedly intended to go with it. Apparently, my father preferred a name that would be both semantically and phonetically harmonious with my last name and would thus be alliterative. My mother, however, says she really wanted to give me a name whose literal sense of the word would hopefully have something to reveal about me on a personal level; namely, one that would be consistent with my dispositions or certain, conspicuous aspects of my personality. I guess what she might’ve originally had in mind though, could be a name that she hoped would somewhere down the road turn out to be characteristic of how my life was “destined” to evolve. Long story short, my parents eventually came to terms with naming me what they did, most likely hoping that I would end up fulfilling their then fantasies of me growing into the “victorious” daughter that they had probably pictured in their heads.

Connotation: بار معنایی
Allegedly:  بنا به گفته ها
Alliterative: دارای واج آرایی، همصدا
literal sense of the word:  معنای لغوی کلمه
consistent with: مطابق با، سازگار با، دارای همخوانی با
conspicuous: بارز، مشخص، ملموس
dispositions: خلق و خو، روحیات
be characteristic ofنمایانگر/گویای/شاخصۀ چیزی بود
somewhere down the road: در نهایت، سرانجام در زمان نامعلومی...
Long story short: خلاصۀ ماجرا آنکه...
come to terms with something: سر چیزی به توافق رسیدن

  1. Does your name have a special meaning?

Yes, it actually does. Etymologically Arabic, my name literally signifies one who’s being exclusively helped or supported as it were. In a more general sense though, it’s basically along the lines of victorious, you know, so it literally means victorious. And once you break it down, the final “eh” is a morpheme that originally stands for feminine; so precisely speaking, the name means “victorious woman”. Whether this is true, though, is perhaps best left up to time, and others, to decide.


Etymologically: به لحاظ ریشه شناختی
Signigy: به معنای چیزی بودن
Along the lines of: در معنای تقریبیِ...، (در مایه های..)
Stand for:  نماد/مخفف چیزی بودن، بازنمای چیزی بودن
Precisely speaking:  به بیان دقیق تر


  1. Is your name common or unusual in your country?

As genuinely meaningful as it may sound, my name may not exactly be the most popular first name in my country. Simply the fact that a great majority of my namesakes are mostly middle-aged, if not in their late 60s or 70s, should be a good indicator of how it is considered by many to be too outdated a name to be prevalently used anymore. So yeah, this should explain why not too many people in my generation carry the name.


Genuine: اصیل
Meaningful: بامعنا
Namesake:  همنام
Outdated: قدیمی
An indicator of: نشان‌گر چیزی بودن
Prevalently:  رایج


  1. If you could change your name, would you? [Why/Why not?]

It would be highly unlikely that I would change my name as there’s nothing about it that makes me feel insecure. On the contrary, I feel my name resonates with a sense of trust and friendliness, and for some reason it makes me sound approachable which in turn doubles my confidence about it. Other than how positively I feel about my name, I normally tend to not read too much into things beyond control and by that I mean just about any aspect of life in which you don’t initially get to have a say, including your nationality, looks and well, arguably your name. I mean as long as I don’t find anything severely annoying about a name, I don’t personally see the point in getting it changed really. Also, I don’t really buy into the philosophy where it’s argued your personality and course of life are heavily influenced by your name and thus concluding that certain names are more accommodating than others. I mean yes, one can still argue for name-related instances of discrimination for example in the business world and whatnot but the effects may have been slightly overrated. I suppose if anything, it’s totally us, our attitudes and how we carry ourselves that shape the image our names send across, rather than the other way around.


Other than: گذشته از...
Resonate with:  چیزی را به ذهن متبادر کردن
Severly annoying: بیش از حد آزار دهنده
Send across:انتقال دادن
The other way around: برعکس
As long as: منوط به اینکه، تا جاییکه
Read too much into something: چیزی را بیش از حد تفسیر کردن

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